Developing your Lymphedema wardrobe

Posted by NW on 18th Oct 2018

Many of our customers come to us depressed at the thoughts of having to wear a lymphedema garment for the rest of their life and it can take some time to come to terms with it.  We are proud to c … read more
Life as a female entrepreneur

Life as a female entrepreneur

Posted by Nicola on 27th Feb 2018

I often get asked what is like to lead the life as a female entrepreneur.  The healthcare industry is a male orientated world so the challenges of breaking the glass barriers is interes … read more
Compression Classes - understanding them

Compression Classes - understanding them

Posted by NW on 1st Feb 2018

I think compression classes have been designed to confuse us all.But like everything in life - when you get to know them it gets easier!Compression garments are rated in mmHg. What does "mmHg" stand … read more

The wonderful world of compression garments!

Posted by Nicola on 1st Feb 2018

How did we end up in the wonderful world of compression garments?  This is a question we are regularly asked!Very simply we were at a medical trade show walked around a corner and there was … read more