Juzo specialises in manufacturing medical compression products must have the right fit. If you feel good, your compression garment becomes your ideal everyday companion. With over 100 years of experience, the well-being of customers always comes first at Juzo. We manufacture versatile knitted fabrics for an effective compression therapy to provide optimal support to patients  in various areas such as lymphology, phlebology and scar treatment.  


Juzo offers a wide range of different custom made options including:

Circular Knit

Juzo Soft

Juzo Dynamic

Juzo Dynamic Cotton


Flat Knit

Juzo Expert - Facial, torso, upper and lower limb garments.

Juzo Expert Silver - Upper and lower limb garments.

Juzo Expert Strong - Upper and lower limb garments.


Please use the following forms for order Juzo garments:

Juzo Upper Limb Order Form

Juzo Foot Order Form

Juzo Hand Order Form

Juzo Lower Limb Order Form

Juzo Thorax Order Form

Juzo Stump Shrinkers Order Form



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