Ofa Bamberg

Ofa Bamberg

Ofa Bamberg is a leading German manufacturer of medical compression stockings and orthopaedic supports. Since it was founded in 1928, Ofa Bamberg has had a clear priority: maximum comfort and an attractive appearance with optimum efficacy.


Ofa Bamberg offer some unique compression fabrics for garments which we offer in custom made:


Circular Knit

Lastofa - Lower limb garments.

Lastofa Cotton - Lower limb garments.

Memory - Lower limb garments.

Memory Aloe Vera - with Aloe Vera woven into the fabric - Lower limb garments.


Flat Knit

Lastofa Forte - Made with Merino Wool - Lower limb garments


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Lastofa Forte Toe Flat Knitted

Lastofa Forte Leg Flat Knitted

Memory and Lastofa Cotton and Standard Lower limb Circular Knit

Lastofa Extra Upper Limb Flat Knitted


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