Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

At SerraNova we are doing our best to play our part in the environmental challenges facing us all.

SerraNova is located in the heart of the countryside. Respect for and preservation of the environment is ingrained in our culture at SerraNova.

We participate in the circular economy by recycling 95% of all packaging and all batteries and print cartridges are recycled.

Most of our product range can be recycled after use through your local recycling centre.

SerraNova has a low tolerance paper policy - only essential printing is done.

SerraNova offsets our carbon footprint by planting trees annually.





For 2020 we will be implementing a web brochure policy - where we will direct people to our website for product information and size guides instead of issuing hard copies. We ask you our clients to work with us on this and help reduce deforestation in our own small way.