Juzo Above Knee Stump Shrinker with Hip Attachment

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Juzo Dynamic Stump Shrinker

Compression stump shrinkers

Art. no. 3511, 3512, 3021, 3022

Juzo Dynamic above-knee stump shrinker


    • Juzo Dynamic above-knee stump shrinker
    • Stump shrinker with hip attachment
    • Juzo Dynamic Silver stump shrinker
    • Juzo Expert above-knee stump shrinker

Stump stockings made from compressive fabric promote in combination with wound dressing the wound healing after amputation. The soft, smooth inner surface of the fabric ensures the stockings are comfortable to wear.  

Juzo compression stump stockings have been developed on the basis of our company’s long-standing experience in manufacturing both round-knitted and flat-knitted medical compression stockings. Along with compression stump stockings for the legs, Juzo also produces made-to-measure arm stump stockings. 


In the period immediately after an amputation, the stump is particularly sensitive and painful. Thanks to their smoothness, Juzo stump stockings are especially easy to put on. The soft and elastic top bands ensure the stockings can provide optimal treatment both for stumps with a large circumference and those with adipose, edemic tissue. Juzo stump stockings are available in the grades Juzo Dynamic.


  • Optimum skin compatibility for sensitive, post-operative stumps
  • Correct compression dosage, and a reduction in compression level in the proximal direction from the distal stump end
  • The well-balanced elasticity ensures comfortable wearing characteristics for the patient
  • Being made from synthetic elastomers, they are easy to care for and ointment proof













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