Juzo Arion Easy-Slide Leg

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Juzo Arion Easy-Slide Leg                

Slip-on aid for compression stockings / pantyhose with open toes



The Juzo Arion range of slip-on aids make it simple and easy to put on medical compression garments such as compression stockings, compression pantyhose and compression sleeves.

Thanks to the very smooth material, putting on a compression garment requires very little physical effort on the part of the patient or nursing staff. This increases patient compliance when a compression garment needs to be worn on a regular basis.


  • very smooth, durable and tear-resistant material
  • foldable and therefore easy to take along
  • does not injure fragile skin
  • can be used for scar therapy as well as lymphology applications
  • washable (hand wash)

 Sizes Available

 S, M, L, XL


 Please follow link below for demonstration: