JuzoFlex Manu Xtra

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JuzoFlex Manu Xtra

Wrist support with special stretch zone



• Distortions (sprains/strains)

• Tendovaginitis (tendosynovitis)

• Arthrosis (degeneration of the wrist)

• Arthritis (inflammation of the wrist)

• Post-traumatic irritations of the wrist


JuzoFlex® Manu Xtra


Standard sizes 1-6

Available for left or right



• Special stretch zone in the sensitive area between the thumb and index finger

• Seam has been placed at the non-sensitive outer edge of the hand

• Optimum knitting at the thumb opening

• An incorporated anatomically shaped silicone pad protects the styloid process

• Pressure-reduced finished edges

• Fully adjustable tension band provides increased stabilization of the wrist where required

• Anatomically knitted fabric delivers a perfect fit and guarantees best possible function

• Breathable and skin-friendly fabric: latex free, temperature equalizing –

comfortable to wear even over longer periods


Preformed stabilisation bar

The stabilisation bar running across

the palm and made from 100 percent

synthetic material has been preformed

anatomically. It is easy to remove

through a small pocket opening on the

side and can be individually reshaped

thermoplastically by a technician. The

bar not only stabilises the wrist but also

perfectly supports the arch-like structure

of the carpal bones through its shape of

an upturned spoon at the distal end.

Seamless comfort zone

The JuzoFlex


® Manu Xtra has an

innovative comfort zone. With the

special fabric technique, it is possible

to knit in wave like padding to the

sensitive area between the thumb and

index finger. Therefore avoiding an

uncomfortable seam. The fabric

effectively prevents the development

of wrinkles or cuts which increases

both comfort and compliance.



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