KP Extra

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KP Extra 



We here in Serranova are delighted to introduce the Lipoelastic Range.


When to use KP extra Velcro fastener belt?

  • Recommended to use after abdominal plastic surgery, tummy tuck, DIEP flap, hernia surgeries or liposuction of abdomen
  • TIP: Waist belts can be worn independently. However, for greater comfort and optimal results, they can also be combined with a compression post-operative garment by wearing it on the outside of the secondary garment

Colour version

  • white, black

Product description

  • Abdominal binder with separated three, four or five panels allows the adjustment of compression in abdominal areas as needed; suitable after abdominal plastic surgery, tummy tuck, DIEP flap, hernia surgeries or liposuction of abdomen
  • Compared to single panel abdominal binders, this version with separated panels allows better adjustment of the compression
  • Post operatively, patients might struggle to fasten a single panel, because any movement is painful; separated panels are therefore designed to be easier to adjust and close
  • Compared to KP special, the material used for KP extra is more firm and solid



  • Front fastening with separated Velcro fasteners
  • LIPOELASTIC offers three height versions of the binder
  • Please select the right height of your binder considering your height
  • You can choose from:
  • 23 cm: 3-panel binder
  • 31 cm: 4-panel binder
  • 39 cm: 5-panel binder


  • Combination of firm and flexible material
  • The material has been awarded Oeko-Tex certificate, which guarantees the absence of harmful or allergenic substances (such as latex, etc.)
  • Material composition: 44 % POLYESTER, 31 % ELASTODIENE, 18 % POLYAMIDE, 7 % COTTON

More specifics

The textile label is sewn on the outside of the garment to avoid unpleasant itching of the skin in this area.








Sizes available 



Measurement Chart 

Measurements in CM/EU Sizes 


Size         Waist         Binder Height        
XS 58 - 63 23,31
S 64 - 69 23,31
M 70 - 76 23,31
L 77 - 85 23,31
XL 86- 94 23,31
XXL 95 - 103 23,31
XXXL 104 - 112 23,31