Ofa Lymph Pad

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Ofa Lymph Pads 


Lymph pads
In case of scars or edema on the back of the hand or
foot as well as sclerosis, lymph pads can be sewn in or
inserted into open pockets to better distribute the
pressure and massage the tissue. The pads can be
sewn in based on individual measurements or at
another desired location. The location can also be
specified using a drawing.

The Drawing is archived with us and can also be used for subsequent orders. If the correct position is to be determined retrospectively, initially a temporary seam.


Ribbed: conduction of lymphatic flow, especially in
the leg
- Burled: massage of the tissue, especially in the arm,
also in case of scars
New from October 2019:
- Lymph pad Strong made of air permeable 3D
material: for stronger effect and better breathability