TBfLg Variant (High)

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TBfLg Variant (High)


We here in Serranova are delighted to introduce the Lipoelastic Range.


The are Compression post-surgical garments. The Garments can speed the healing process along, while reducing pain and minimizing swelling and bruises and reduce the risk of infection.

When to use TBfLg Variant garment?

  • Recommended for use in the first post-operative phase after liposuction of the lower abdomen, buttocks, pelvic area, hips, thighs, knees and calves.
  • This compression bandage is also ideal as part of post-operative care for patients with lymphatic problems of the lower extremities

Product description

  • A compressive, post-operative bandage specially designed after liposuction for patients suffering from lipoedema
  • TBfLg Variant is suitable after liposuction of the buttocks, hips, thighs, knees or calves
  • TBfLg Variant has guaranteed gradual/ascending compression along the entire length of the product
  • The compression underwear extends to the waist and is finished with a soft trim
  • The legs of the product end up on the arch of the foot, fixing the product in place so that it does not roll up
  • Closure with three rows of hooks in the front of the garment over the abdomen
  • There is a hygienic opening in the crotch for all day comfort, easy use of bathroom; own underwear can be worn on the outside of the garment
  • High: intended for patients over 165 cm in height



  • Closure with three rows of hooks in the front of the garment over the abdomen
  • Variable adjustment of compression in individual parts as needed



Colour version


  • natural, black







Sizes available 



Measurement Chart 

Measurements in CM/EU Sizes 


Size Measurements in cm / EU size
Under breasts Waist Hips Thigh Above knee Calf
XS 61-66 58-63 84-88 48-50 32-34 27-29
S 67-72 64-69 89-94 51-55 35-39 30-32
M 73-79 70-76 95-101 56-60 40-44 33-35
L 80-88 77-85 102-110 61-65 45-49 36-38
XL 89-97 86-94 111-119 66-70 50-54 39-41
XXL 98-106 95-103 120-128 71-75 55-59 42-44
XXXL 107-115 104-112 129-137 76-80 60-64 45-47