Tipps Silver Range

Tipps Silver Range

Garments with Xstatic Silver Fibre


Is Silver Safe? Silver is widely used today in many medical products and also in consumer products. Silver is used in everything from burn care products for infection control to eating utensils.

X-Static silver fibre is extremely safe because it is made with pure silver. Prestigious institutions throughout the world have validated the antimicrobial performance and safety of X-Static in published medical journals.

Silver Allergies? Some people are allergic to silver jewellery and make the assumption that they are also allergic to pure natural silver. On the contrary, silver jewellery is made of an alloy called "sterling silver" and this is what many people are allergic too as it contains other various metals in its manufacture.

X-Static silver fibre are manufactured only with pure natural silver—there have been no documented cases of allergies to pure silver.

What kind of testing has been performed on the Silver Fibre Natural silver has more than 15 years of published clinical research supporting its safety and claims. Natural silver is also used in many Class 1 and Class 2 FDA approved medical devices.

The top medical institutions in the world, including Johns Hopkins and the National Institute of Health, have tested, approved of and currently use natural silver in products.

Silver provides hygienic protection when in contact with the human skin Pure silver thread is a self sanitising skin product that provides the foremost preventative barrier against cross infection from the localized environment.   The property of the silver signifies a dramatic advancement in anti-microbial technology and is being used to prevent harmful bacteria from proliferating, mutating or being transmitted.  

Some fun and important facts about Silver

Born with a silver spoon in your mouth The phrase "Born with a silver spoon in your mouth" does not mean you are spoilt - this originally meant that you had a better chance of surviving childhood. In the past silver cutlery was used in the houses of the rich as it was know to be anti-bacterial and could eliminate what we now know of as E-Coli and salmonella. Both of these organisms were prevalent on non-silver eating utensils and were a common source of infant sickness and mortality.

Every cloud has a silver lining The aristocracy in Rome and elsewhere during the middle ages drank from silver goblets, which were known to provide natural antibacterial protection. People equated silver with clean water and because rainwater was considered clean water, the two were joined:  Silver-like water was the advantage of poor weather.

He is silver-tongued Today this saying refers to the wisdom or cleverness of an individual. However, the saying originally dates back again to the Middle Ages, when royalty would test their wine for poison with a silver rod. If the rod turned black, it meant that there was arsenic in the wine. So, if you had a silver tongue, you possessed supernatural talents !!!