Venous Hosiery

At SerraNova we offer a full range of compression hosiery.

No longer available in just black and beige - we offer a full range of colours and styles. 

Compression hosiery is the oldest way to help prevent varicose diseases and their complications.  It is based on the application of bandages to the lower limbs, effective in reducing swelling of the legs caused by venous and lymphatic insufficiencies. 

Elastic stockings compress the surface veins and microcirculation.  They push blood from surface veins into the deep venous tract that has normal circulatory functions. The simplist way of understanding this mechanism is to say that elastic compression has a real "pump effect".  Compression is the force exerted by the tights as they compress the leg, improve the pump effect who favours blood circulation.

Compression is measured in predetermined points and is expressed in millimeters of mercury (mmHg).  When speaking of compression we specify graduated compression that decreases as we go up the leg.  The highest compression value is low down, and, in particular, at the ankle.

Deniers indicate the cross section (diameter) of the thread used to weave stockings and tights.  The lower the denier the lighter and more transparent the tights.  The higher the denier the more compact, stronger and sturdier the weave, making the tights less sheer.

We offer a range of preventative and therapeutic stockings and tights in both open and closed toes in various styles and colours for both men and women.  Our products are classified by compression class in accordance with the table below approved by the European Standardization Committee (CEN standards). 

Class Type mmHg Recommended for
A Preventative 10-14 Flight socks, swollen legs, telengiectasia, mild edemas.
1 L Light 15-17 Flight socks, varicose veins, acrocyanosis, post telangiectasia sclerotherapy.
1 S Strong 18-21 Truncal varicose veins, varicose veins with important edemas, varicose vein surgical removal, post sclerotherapy, foot and knee arthrosis.
2 Clinicial 23-32

Post thrombosis syndrome, during treatment of venous ulcers, post-trauma syndrome, angiodisplasia, deep venous thrombosis, deep venous insufficiency, reversible lymphedema, lipedema.

We work with a full network of hospitals and healthcare professionals throughout Ireland and are happy to work with your medical team to get the right products for you where necessary.

SerraNova can also assist you with HSE Medical Card funding where available and also advise on cover with Medical Insurance companies and Income TAX relief.

We do recommend making an appointment before visiting us to ensure that a fitting room is available. 

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